September 3, 2021
1 Year and 21 days left
until our celebration.

Welcome to the Nelson Family Mass Reunion website!  

The 2021 Nelson Family Mass Reunion planning committee is very pleased to announce the details of our 2021 reunion! With such a large family this is our attempt to get everyone together, share our history, and create new memories.

Join us September 3rd - 6th as we plan a great Homecoming of all the descendants and families of George & Dollie's children. We want everyone to get to know each other.  Let's share our stories, network, recognize, support and love each other. We can keep our proud heritage alive and inspire the hearts and minds of our future generations.

The celebration will start and most activities will be in Memphis TN and we will travel to Ripley/Henning. Please check out the Details of Events and  Registration Info page for more details.


Please email us at for the details of each position.
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