The George and Dollie Nelson Family Legacy Award will be given to an individual or group who have exhibited servant leadership and made significant achievements and contributions to their communities and the nation in the following categories:

Arts & Entertainment
Science &Technology
Business & Finance
Politics & Activism
Good Samaritan/Volunteer
Youth Development

The nomination deadline is 11:59pm October 15th.
If your nominee is selected you will be contacted for more information. 
Nomination Guidelines & Instructions
  • Please submit a separate nomination form for each individual, organization or group.
  • You may only nominate an individual for one award using the same form.
  • Only complete entries for each specific award will be considered.
  • All responses should be submitted in paragraph format with a recommended minimum 100 words per response.
  • Partial/incomplete nominations will not be considered.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Fraudulent nominations will not be accepted.
  • Only nominations received by the deadline will be considered.
Multiple nominations submitted for one individual, organization or group does not guarantee that individual or group as the winner of that category. Nominations are considered based on quality, depth, and breadth, not quantity of submissions.